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What to Expect

Expect a whole lotta fun and great memories starting with collaborating on outfits and style. I know how I can get as a mom wanting the perfect outfit for every person in the family. I reccommend laying them out before to see how you like everything together. Don't go buy something new that you don't feel comfortable in, you want to be yourself. Go ahead and splurge on a fun accessory or mix and match patterns among the family. I love textures!

We will be silly 

 After the editing you will have a password protected online gallery with 30 finalized images.


Expect for one of your children not to cooperate at some point during the shoot, and that's okay! The in between shots are my favorite, but I will throw in a few posed shots as well. If they do cooperate, then high five. You should bring approved snacks for the kiddos I can bribe them with later in the shoot if needed.


Stress about outfits and "real smiles" the day before, but the day of your shoot let things roll. Come have fun with your family while I snap away, then go get ice cream!